Forging Futures: A Triumphant Saga of Collaboration with Palace for Life Foundation

Forging Futures: A Triumphant Saga of Collaboration with Palace for Life Foundation

Captured are Craig Constantinides, previously associated with Go2Games, and Josh Mansell from SME Local CIC exhibiting their football prowess at the Sports dans la Ville charity football tournament held by the Crystal Palace Football Club Academy in June 2023. Photo: Ana Pinto.

What is community? To us at SME Local CIC, it is the pulsating heart of Croydon—a lively tapestry woven with dreams, connections, and shared aspirations. We recognise that community is more than a mere location; it’s the collective soul shaping our identity. Partnering with Palace for Life Foundation, we embark on a journey that surpasses collaboration; it’s a dedication to uplifting the community and scripting a narrative of transformative impact.

 Kickstarting with Community: Why It Matters

Let’s delve into why community matters—the shared heartbeat defining Croydon. It transcends location; it’s the collective soul of dreams and aspirations. Palace for Life Foundation, the official charity of Crystal Palace F.C., comprehends this essence. For over two decades, they’ve harnessed the transformative power of football, championing young minds, and creating a South London where every individual can thrive. In teamwork, pride, and innovation, they’ve found the keys to unlock a healthier, positive, and safer life for the community.

Numerous Threads, One Tapestry: Our Multifaceted Collaboration

Our collaboration with Palace for Life Foundation, initially forged by Go2Games many years ago, has been a source of great joy and a continual opportunity for us to give back to the community. From speaking at events to community initiatives, our longstanding partnership has borne fruit over the years, weaving a tapestry rich in threads of community support. From supporting families during the challenges of the pandemic through the #KeepCroydonConnected initiative to providing gaming consoles and refurbished devices in schools, the ways we’ve touched lives are as diverse as the Croydon community itself.

 The #KeepCroydonConnected Initiative: The Lifeline in those Challenging Times

During the challenging times of the pandemic, our joint efforts under the #KeepCroydonConnected initiative provided a lifeline to families. We ensured they had the necessary IT devices for learning and communication, bridging digital divides and reinforcing the importance of collective support. Our collaboration went beyond gaming consoles, taking root in the very heart of the community. Together, we provided essential IT devices to local school children and elderly individuals, addressing immediate needs and creating lasting impacts. Each endeavour echoed the shared ethos of giving back, community impact, and positive change.

One particularly memorable event we attended with the Palace for Life Foundation was a training session with the Palace for Life DS Eagles highlighted the positive impact of sport on the lives of these remarkable individuals. Palace manager Roy Hodgson led the session, focusing on shooting skills and even refereeing a match. The joy and enthusiasm of the players, ranging from eight to 24 years old, were truly infectious. This event underscores our longstanding relationship with Palace for Life Foundation, emphasising our commitment to community impact as SME Local CIC.

Roy Hodgson and Craig Constantinides lead the Down's Syndrome Eagles training session on November 13, 2019, at Monks Hill Sports Centre, South Croydon, London. This community-driven initiative, organised by Palace for Life Foundation, emphasises inclusivity and engagement. Photo: Sebastian Frej.

Library Project: Illuminating Futures

At SME Local CIC, we take immense pride in the ongoing Library Project, further exemplifying our collaboration with Palace for Life Foundation. The Libraries Improvement Fund transforms Croydon Central Library into a digital haven, fostering connectivity and knowledge-sharing—a testament to our shared commitment to Croydon’s growth.

A Look Ahead: Transformative Possibilities

 As we stand at the threshold of tomorrow, the collaboration between SME Local CIC and Palace for Life Foundation signifies not just a partnership but a commitment to transformative possibilities. Our journey continues, fuelled by the shared vision of creating a stronger, more connected Croydon. Our partnership is about uplifting the community digitally, ensuring local businesses flourish in an ever-evolving landscape. This collaboration is a pledge of giving back, creating impact, and navigating challenges hand in hand with collective resilience.

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Craig Constantinides and Josh Mansell from SME Local CIC proudly serve as Palace for Life Foundation PlayMakers. Now in its fourth year, the PlayMakers initiative is a testament to the commitment and expertise of devoted Crystal Palace F.C. fans. This program channels their skills and experience to actively contribute to the Palace for Life Foundation's mission of improving the lives of young people in South London. Photo: Unknown.