The Library Project

Digital Learning and Discovery Space in Central Library
The library's first floor will be transformed into a state-of-the-art Digital Discovery Zone with spaces for exhibitions, lounging, meetings, and other activities. This includes creating new toilet facilities, enhancing the infrastructure, and updating furniture and IT equipment.

Your Library.Your Digital Domain.Your Croydon.

2023 marked a transformative phase for Croydon’s knowledge landscape. With the grant from the Libraries Improvement Fund, the Croydon Central Library embarked on a mission to mould itself into a digital sanctuary, ready to embrace the next generation.

And SME Local is incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.

As a chief delivery partner, we’re infusing the library with our digital expertise. Our role transcends the provision of state-of-the-art digital studio equipment. We’re crafting enriching digital curricula, tailored for the youth, especially those without personal tech devices. Together, we envisage a library that’s not just about books but is a thriving Digital Discovery Zone, a haven for young minds to explore, innovate, and connect.

Below are concept designs for the new space on which the grant was awarded.

Reception Area


The gateway to Croydon’s digital renaissance, our Reception Area welcomes visitors with a seamless blend of warmth and modernity. As the primary point of contact, it offers informative guides, interactive displays, and friendly staff to assist patrons.

The Reception Area ensures every visitor, whether a tech-savvy millennial or a curious senior, begins their journey with clarity and enthusiasm. It fosters inclusivity, making digital access and navigation easy for all.

Breakout Room


A flexible, multifunctional space, the Breakout Room is where ideas spark and collaborations take flight. Equipped with modular seating and tech amenities, it’s conducive to group discussions, brainstorming, and informal gatherings.

The Breakout Room encourages community interaction, enabling residents to share knowledge, discuss local issues, or simply connect over shared interests, fostering a stronger sense of community spirit.

Studio Room


At the heart of our digital transformation lies the Studio Room, a creative powerhouse equipped with the latest digital studio equipment. It’s where visions transform into digital realities.

Catering especially to the youth and budding entrepreneurs, the Studio Room empowers individuals to craft, edit, and launch digital content, be it for business promotion or personal expression, enriching Croydon’s digital content ecosystem.

Podcast Suite


Tailored for the auditory storyteller, our Podcast Suite boasts state-of-the-art recording equipment in a soundproof setting. It’s the space for voices of Croydon to be heard, loud and clear.

Offering a platform for locals to launch their podcasts, discuss community issues, or share narratives, it not only amplifies Croydon voices but also diversifies the content available to listeners both locally and globally.

Study Room


A sanctuary of focus, the Study Room offers a quiet, conducive environment for reading, research, and individual work. With a mix of traditional resources and digital tools, it caters to diverse learning styles.

Perfect for students, freelancers, or anyone seeking a serene workspace, it promotes continuous learning and personal growth, solidifying the library’s role as a nexus of knowledge.

Esports Room


Embracing the world of competitive gaming, our Esports Room is a technologically advanced space that caters to both casual gamers and esports enthusiasts.

By integrating gaming into the library’s fabric, we engage a broader demographic, especially the youth. Beyond entertainment, esports fosters team skills, strategic thinking, and community bonding.

Library of Things


Going beyond books, our Library of Things is a treasure trove of gadgets, tools, and unique items available for borrowing, reflecting the diverse needs of a modern community.

This innovative concept promotes sustainability by allowing residents to borrow rather than buy, fostering a sharing economy. Moreover, it ensures that vital tools and gadgets are accessible to everyone, levelling the playing field for all Croydon residents.

In an age where digital threads weave through the very fabric of our existence, Croydon Central Library’s transformation stands as a testament to the community’s ambition to evolve, adapt, and flourish. The spaces we’ve curated, from the Reception Area’s welcoming embrace to the futuristic appeal of the Esports Room, are designed not just as rooms, but as experiences that resonate with every visitor’s unique needs and aspirations.

The Library Project, in partnership with SME Local, isn’t merely a renovation; it’s a reimagining of what community spaces can achieve. As we bridge the gap between traditional knowledge repositories and dynamic digital hubs, we’re crafting an environment where learning, creativity, and community spirit thrive in unison.

We invite every resident of Croydon, from curious novices to digital aficionados, to join us in this exciting journey. Together, let’s shape a future where our community is not just digitally informed but digitally inspired.

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