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SME Local specialises in interlinking Croydon's businesses and non-profits through tailored services, from Partnered Work Experiences to eCommerce solutions, aiming to amplify community impact and foster collaboration.
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About Us

Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Croydon’s own, SME Local is a marketing company driven by a deep passion for community support. Our dedicated team of local entrepreneurs understands the heartbeat of Croydon’s businesses and is committed to fostering their growth.

Our mission is clear: we connect the dots for local businesses in Croydon, bridging the gap between them and potential customers in the area. We specialise in building robust online presences that resonate with the community, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.

The SME Local platform is a hub of empowerment for Croydon’s businesses. By attracting more customers and enhancing local visibility, we don’t just contribute to individual success; we uplift the entire community. This ripple effect can be seen in increased local investment and a strengthened bond between Croydon’s residents and those from afar.

The Significance of Purpose-driven Business

In an age where every transaction has an impact, the essence of a business isn't just defined by its services or products but by the values it champions. Our not-for-profit stance isn't just a model—it's a movement. A movement aimed at reshaping Croydon's socio-economic fabric by leveraging the power of collaboration and compassion.

SME Local's Commitment – Fostering Societal Progress

At SME Local, we firmly believe in the ripple effect. When you partner with us, you're not just investing in digital services; you're catalysing change. A portion of our collaborations fuels local charities, amplifying their causes and providing them with the digital prowess to expand their reach and impact. But our mission goes deeper: We provide meaningful work experiences to the marginalised, ensuring they gain not just skills but also a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.

Croydon-Centric Approach to Making a Difference

Our endeavours resonate deeply with Croydon's essence. We understand the challenges and aspirations of our community. By focusing our efforts locally, we seek to create tangible change where it matters most. Our initiative is more than charity—it’s about constructing a brighter, inclusive future right here in Croydon.

Beyond Business – Crafting a Legacy of Change

While we pride ourselves on our digital expertise, our true passion lies in moulding a more inclusive, compassionate Croydon. Your partnership aids us in this pursuit, allowing us to mentor, guide, and uplift those on the fringes, offering them a pathway to purpose and prosperity.

Join Hands with SME Local for a Better Croydon

In the vast tapestry of Croydon’s businesses and causes, SME Local stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. By choosing to collaborate with us, you're not just elevating your business—you're championing a cause. Together, let's weave a narrative where digital expertise meets social impact, where every partnership becomes a catalyst for positive change. With SME Local, business isn’t just about profits; it’s about purpose.

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