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SME Local: Nurturing Digital Growth in Croydon
Fuelled by Croydon's entrepreneurial spirit, we connect local businesses to customers, crafting vibrant online presences that empower both commerce and community.

A Future-Ready Croydon:Local Insights.Global Digital Impact.


At the heart of Croydon lies a palpable, thriving entrepreneurial spirit, and SME Local is its digital champion. We don’t just promote businesses; we narrate the stories of our community, crafting digital legacies for local ventures that ripple beyond sales and metrics.

In the vibrant urban tapestry that is Croydon, SME Local serves as the bridge between our local businesses and the ever-evolving digital world. Our localised insight, shaped by Croydon’s unique entrepreneurial rhythm, allows us to create online presences that resonate deeply with our community. By bolstering the digital prowess of local businesses, we are not just fueling their individual growth but fostering a tighter-knit community, one connection at a time.


Our partnership with Croydon Central Library is emblematic of our broader commitment to Croydon and its future. With every digital strategy we craft, every campaign we launch, and every partnership we forge, we pledge to uphold the highest standards, remain legally compliant, champion equality, and ensure the safeguarding of our cherished community.

Together, with the community of Croydon, we are scripting a digital story that future generations will be proud to inherit and build upon. Join us on this exhilarating journey.

  • Innovators in Residence: An initiative where the library hosts SME Local, championing innovative programmes and technological inclusion.
  • Expanding Horizons: Our enriching programmes, ranging from digital skill-building activities for the youth to specialised marketing campaigns, ensure that the library remains a nexus of learning and growth.
  • Community Collaborations: We’re strengthening ties with local schools, fostering digital skills, well-being, and a reinvigorated love for reading.
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